About Me

Welcome to my page. So some time ago, I turned to photography as a way of handling the pressures of everyday life. I love everything about photography including the planning that goes into the composition of a photograph to the settings of a camera to capture the best possible image and post editing to play a little with images to create something I love. This picture came from a day playing at the beach with a ‘lens ball’ which helps to refract and place the image as if inside a glass ball (great fun!!).

Family photography

I offer a range of photographic services, from professional reviews of your business capturing the essence of your service/product which can be used on social media or advertising your business, to event photography showcasing and capturing special events, to more intimate family get togethers (including four legged friends!).

 I am a big fan of capturing people (and animals) enjoying themselves in a natural setting (not studio) and can arrange family photographic moments in a place of your choosing. 


I have recently undertaken a review of a local café on behalf of a tourist/event online magazine. I love going to new places and experiencing new things. I have always been interested in travel particularly.  

Something different

My images are not only related to my travels, I also like playing with the camera in different lighting arrangements and have recently completed an editing suite course to get something unique from those images.